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Benefits of Hiring a

Bartending Service

Here is a great article about choosing the right bartender for your wedding or event from Yellow Umbrella Events in Austin,TX.  Thanks for the link guys!

Champagne anyone?

Photo by Taylor Jones Photography

Efficient Service

We provide professional, high volume bartenders who can slay that post ceremony bar rush and get your guests back to socializing faster!

Bar setup

Photo by Anna Skaggs

Wildflower Bartending

Bar Setup & Management

It often takes well over an hour to setup a proper bar space and each event is different. We organize, ice, and create good presentation for your guests to enjoy.

monogram glassware

Photo by Taylor Jones Photography

Glassware Bussing & Cleanup

Empty glasses can pile up quickly during a reception. We manage used glassware and keep the venue looking good while your party dances the night away!

tub of beer.jpg

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The Proper Equipment

We have all the coolers, chilling tubs, bar tools and other items that make a great bar experience possible, all included in every bar service. 

Bottles of Wine

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Help with Menu Planning & Quantities

We can help you plan your drink menu, decide on quantities, and can even pick up your order from a local vendor. Pickup convenience fee required. Ask for Details.

Ready to Book Professional Bartenders for Your Event?
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